Who can book

Rooms or space on campus are available upon request by staff, faculty and ratified student groups.

Campus spaces

You can book the following space on campus:

  • classrooms
  • lecture theatres
  • lounges
  • hallways
  • various other indoor and outdoor spaces

How to book

Bookings are not guaranteed upon request. Please allow approximately two business days for processing.

After you book space

  • If your event requires space set-up, additional furniture - tables, chairs, podiums, flags, poster boards, electrical cords/service, outdoor line locates, event signage, etc, submit an Event Set Up Form or contact the Customer Service Centre
  • If you are an off campus requestor, submit an insurance certificate 14 days prior to your event listing the University of Saskatchewan (E1-105 Administration Place, S7N 5A2) as an "additional insured" for 2,000,000 liability to Room Scheduling 
  • If you are not using a campus provider for an alcohol event, you must submit the Non-Student Liquor Function Form   

Student clubs

Only Campus Clubs that are ratified can book space on campus.


Contact us!

Fax: 306-966-6730
E1 Administration Building