Bookable spaces

Several different types of spaces can be booked on campus:

  • academic classrooms and lecture theatres
  • lounges
  • hallways
  • indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Alcohol approved spaces
  • Computer labs are handled by the individual colleges
  • Athletic events and spaces are handled by the College of Kinesiology.

Note: Academic classrooms and leture theatres are only bookable once academic classes have been set.

After you book space

  • If your event requires space set-up, additional furniture - tables, chairs, podiums, flags, poster boards, electrical cords/service, outdoor line locates, event signage, etc, submit an Event Set Up Form or contact the Facilities Support Services
  • Effective January 1, 2020 all non-student alcohol events must use a campus provider for food and beverage services (Louis or Culinary Services).

Student groups

Student groups must be ratified to book space on campus.  Once ratification is received, access to the space booking form will be granted.

Off campus requestors

External requestors must obtain sponsorship by an academic, administrative or ratified student union to book space on campus.


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