Live streaming

Live streaming is your best option for a high-quality, single source, unidirectional presentation such as a lecture. These streams are generally recorded and stored for viewing at a later date for people who were unable to attend the live event. USask supports Panopto to live stream your presentation:


Using your computer web browser (Chrome or Firefox are preferred) go to and log in with your NSID. Your will need a computer with a webcam and microphone. Panopto records in High Definition (HD) so use the best quality built-in or external webcam and microphone available to you. The presenter can share a PowerPoint presentation and views will be able to see the slides and presenter’s camera in a user-adjustable side-by-side view. One of the benefits of Panopto is that it machine generates a searchable transcript of the audio presentation. A Panopto live stream can be achieved from anywhere providing you have the necessary computer hardware and high-speed internet connection. Panopto does not support dialogue well (ie – audience Q&A) so this should be considered as a non-interactive format. Because Panopto is live streamed to the internet through the Panopto platform, your audience size is limited only by Panopto streaming hardware. We have also had limited success streaming into China.

Classroom Lectures

We recommend that lectures and presentation content should be pre-recorded with Panopto for the highest quality. Recorded content can be shared with students through Blackboard and the forthcoming Canvas LMS platforms. By using the LMS, instructors can connect their lectures to other learning materials, do timed releases, provide limited distribution, etc.

Web Conferencing

The web conference option should be considered for lower quality but highly interactive presentations. USask supports Webex as our web conference solution.


Accessible through PAWS, Webex can be used to work collaboratively with up to 1000 participants. Participants can interact with presenters and each other through video, audio and chat functions. Presenters can share PowerPoint files, videos, desktop applications and other content as well as distribute files through the chat feature. Unlike Panopto, Webex highly compresses data by reducing audio and video quality to provide a more stable connection which isn’t always effective. Sometimes video can freeze while audio continues then they resynchronize a few seconds later. Webex presentations can be save and stored for viewing at a later date or disseminated as a live-only presentation. There are three roles used in a Webex presentation: Host, Presenter and Participant. The Host can assign Presenter status to anyone which is works well in a conference setting where multiple presenters are speaking. The Host can also moderate the online chat function and aggregate questions for a Q&A session following the presentation or interject questions pertinent to the context of the presentation.


Conference/event websites can be requested by staff/faculty on campus. The event url will be Content creation and management are the responsibilities of the site owner, but training is available.

Learn about promotion options as well as get tips for creating a successful event. It is also recommended you reach out to your unit's communications specialist.


USask has an Event Registration Service that can assist in supporting registration and payment processing for events.

Media Productions

Media productions can support livestream events, video recording of presenters, and other production needs.