Register for the entire conference or for three individual live events: Cherie Dimaline, Wayde Compton, and the author reading and panel. You will be sent an email notification with the relevant links shortly before the conference/event.

Live Events

Live Events with featured presenters are via Zoom Webinar. Once you have registered through Eventbrite for the conference and/or for individual conference events, you will receive a link to the events via the email address you provided.

Zoom event protocol includes:

  • Join Zoom Webinar events 5 minutes in advance.
  • Keep audio muted during the presentation.
  • If your account name is different from the name you used to register for the conference or event, change to a version of the name under which you registered so that the moderators know who is attending and/or asking questions.
  • At the end of the presentation, you will be invited to pose questions through the "Q and A" function. The moderator will repeat your question to the presenter(s).

Conference Panels

Conference panels consist of pre-recorded presentations of approximately 15-20 minutes in length, with a moderated discussion board. Presentations will be posted to the conference website, where they can be viewed at any time during the one-week conference, August 16-22. Presenters should consult the "How-To Guide" for information about how to structure and upload their presentations.

Discussion Boards

Participants and panelists can participate in question and answer sessions on the panel presentations by posting on moderated discussion boards associated with each panel. Discussion forums are not anonymous; participants must create a free account through the platform Disqus to pose a comment or question.

Online Conference Protocols

  • Permission is required from the writer or speaker to screen capture, copy, quote from, or otherwise reproduce any materials from presentations or discussions.
  • Be kind: participants may be writing in a second language or on their mobile phones.
  • Strive for a respectful and generous tone. Off-topic, disrespectful, and discriminatory comments will be removed.

For more information, contact the organizers.

Acknowledgement: Sincere thanks to the organizers of the Association for Literature, Envionment, and Culture in Canada 2020 Conference for permission to adapt some of the "How-To" information from their website.