Music and Wellbeing Conference 2021

Keynote Speaker Dr. Daniel Levitin

 May 28 - 29. 2021 

Our current climate of mental and physical uncertainty and unrest strongly suggests the need for communities of practice to gather with a focus on non-pharmacological or caring interventions for mental, emotion, social, and physical wellbeing.  The understanding of the role of non-pharmacological solutions in health is paramount to sustaining positive cognitive, psychological, and physiological wellbeing in every age and stage of one’s life and through fluctuating uncertainty of local and global socio-cultural situational factors. 

This Music and Wellbeing Conference intends to unite researchers, community partners, educators, university students, and health-care providers to explore and examine music and health intersections and facilitate knowledge mobilization of music’s role and relevance in our lives during the best of times and worst of times. 

Ultimately, this conference will facilitate synergies between researchers, therapists, educators, students, and community stakeholders invested in music as a non-pharmacological or caring intervention as a source of and stimulus for human wellness. 

We are seeking both academic papers and community-based presentations that discuss the critical issues in understanding the research and the practical implementation of music and well-being in academic, classroom, or community settings.

For More Information

Jennifer Lang, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Music Education