100 Years of Horticulture Science

1921 - 2021

The Province of Saskatchewan was established in 1905 and two years later on April 3, 1907 the Act establishing the University of Saskatchewan was passed by the legislative assembly.  The newly formed University would establish two colleges of which included the College of Agriculture. The Field Husbandry Department was one of the original departments of the college offering classes in plant breeding, horticulture, soils and farm management. 

In 1921, Dr. Cecil Patterson was hired as the first Horticulture lecturer and in 1922 Dean Rutherford appointed Patterson as the first Head of the newly formed Department of Horticulture Science.

Patterson along with other early pioneers and today's modern day researchers have spent the last 100 years shaping the horticulture industry we know today across the Canadian Prairies.

Monthly Seminars

Each month we will celebrate Horticulture by offering a seminar that is aimed at honoring our past, present or future.  Learn about the pioneers that worked effortlessly to build the backbone of horticulture across the prairies or our current graduates and researchers that continue to grow the horticulture industry across the prairies and worldwide.


Historical Highlights