Susan Shantz

Location: Gordon Snelgrove Gallery
Murray Building, First Level, Room 191
3 Campus Drive, University of Saskatchewan 

Hours: Monday-- Friday, 10:00am -- 5:00pm

“In its presentation of installation, bookworks, embroidered objects and video, Confluence is the result of Saskatchewan artist, Susan Shantz’, artistic and scientific exploration into the water sources that sustain our province: from the glaciers in the Rocky Mountains of Alberta water flows across the prairies in the South and North Saskatchewan Rivers, joining to create an enormous delta near the Manitoba border. Shantz states, “While I experience the river near my home as a natural phenomenon and place of beauty, after learning more about the river from scientific and environmental perspectives, I have come to realize it is a highly-managed water source. It sustains us, but with a cost for those downstream. Drawing on field trips to sites along the river, I use a variety media (from textiles to videography) to consider the currents that connect us in this prairie water basin.” Shantz’ work encourages viewers to consider the interconnectedness and fragility of our water sources, the environmental impacts of human progress on our water systems and how these impacts will ultimately affect us all.”

from the original text at the Moose Jaw Museum and Art Gallery



image.pngSound/Water Wave Meditation with Sandie Irvine in Susan Shantz's Exhibition, Confluence

Sandie Irvine, of MoonYoga, Saskatoon, will lead a one-hour Sound/Water Wave Meditation in Susan Shantz’s Confluence exhibition, connecting the theme of water with sound waves using crystal bowls. Come prepared to lie (or sit) beneath the blue water tarps and bathe in spacious silence and sound. Blankets will be provided.

“I’ve been a musician all my life. Alongside classical training in my youth… I sensed music in the hills, notes in the clouds, mantras from the trees. Most of all I could hear my own song. I learned of Nada yoga (the yoga of sound) while studying yogasana; it described the natural experience of intuitive ‘sounds’ as part of a centuries old tradition … I sought out further study leading me to practice as a sound artist” -Sandie

Sound/Water Wave Meditation 1

Sound/Water Wave Meditation 1, is open to attendees of the Association for Literature, Environment, and Culture in Canada (ALECC) CONFERENCE 2022

Tickets (and medical masks due to Covid) required (space will be limited):

Saturday, June 18, 2:00 – 3:00 (gallery doors will open at 2:00 and will be closed at 2:15 to ensure this is an uninterrupted event).

See this Eventbrite link to book your spot.




Wally Dion

Location: Outdoor Exhibit is Outside the Peter MacKinnon Building
Indoor Exhibit is Located at the College Art Galleries
Peter MacKinnon Building, First and Ground Level
107 Administration Place, University of Saskatchewan
Hours: Monday -- Thursday, 11 am -- 4 pm

Curator: Leah Taylor

“Wally Dion's major solo exhibition, skodenstoodis, focuses on new and recent artworks, including large-scale, site-specific neon sculpture, recent painting and drawing, and a selection of circuit board assemblages. skodenstoodis addresses broad social concepts relating to Indigenous mobility and empowerment, recognized through cultural, economic, and political powers. Dion's use of image and materiality addresses time and tradition through a contemporary framework.

For more information, please visit this exhibit's main page. 


sesame, open yourself

Julie Oh

Location: Kenderdine Art Gallery
Agriculture Building, Second Level

51 Campus Drive, University of Saskatchewan 

Hours: Monday -- Thursday, 11:00am -- 4:00pm 

Curator: Leah Taylor
Exhibition Essay by Rose Bouthillier

“Julie Oh’s artistic practice considers found objects as powerful vessels for the human experience: mortality, labor, faith and freedom. The Saskatoon-based artist works from the realm of the everyday, initiating a period of sustained engagement with collected materials. Oh works instinctually by allowing the installation of objects to each hold space within the gallery, offering an entanglement of conceptual readings that address the aura of their presence.”

For more information, please visit the exhibit's main site.



Word Splash 

An Event Hosted by the Saskatchewan Ânskohk Writers Circle, Inc.

Time: Thursday, June 16th, 2022 at 7:00pm
Location: River Landing Amphitheatre, 414 Spadina Crescent E

A Celebration of Indigenous Writing. See our program and our Guide to Saskatoon for more information. 



Sculpture Garden

Location: Near the Diefenbaker Center

Enjoy the weather and take a walk through the University of Saskatchewan’s Sculpture Garden. The Sculpture Garden is located between the Education Building and the Diefenbaker Canada Centre. Continue to follow the path toward the river, where you’ll meet the Meewasin Trail and can enjoy the views of Saskatoon on a leisurely stroll. 

For more information on the Sculpture Garden, please see this article.

For map, see "Sculpture Garden" at bottom of this page



Remai Modern

Location: 102 Spadina Crescent E
Hours: Wednesday 10 am -- 5 pm, Thursday and Friday 10 am -- 9 pm, Saturday and Sunday 10 am -- 5 pm

Remai Modern is a new museum of modern and contemporary art in Saskatoon, a growing city on the vast and ever-changing Canadian Prairies. If time permits, specific exhibits that may be of interest are John Akomfrah's Vertigo Sea and Adrian Stimson's Maanipokaaiini
For more information on John Akomfrah's exhibition, please visit this siteFor Adian Stimson, please visit this site