02-20_education_westcast2022_jumbotron4.jpg“The 2022 theme is Wellness, which focuses on the balance between taking care of oneself and taking care of relationships - whether student/teacher or beyond.”

This is a general theme. Presentation proposals can connect to curriculum, instruction, assessment, innovation, special projects and pedagogy with the concept of supporting wellness, relationships, student success, teacher efficacy and empowerment. We do not want to turn away presenters that don’t directly propose a specific connection to wellness.

Proposals will be for either a:
1) A 30-minute paper presentation (PowerPoint, oral presentation). Two 30-minute presenters will share the zoom room in the same block.
2) A 60-minute workshop (a more detailed exploration of the topic with the opportunity for activities or audience engagement). One presenter will have the full 60-minute zoom room block.

*Submission Deadline: February 4th, 2022