Wade Repta, BHSc(OT), BPE, CDMP

Wade Repta is the Vice President and an Occupational Therapist with humanworks consulting group inc.  Wade has spent the past 20 years working with teachers who are experiencing wellness and disability related challenges, helping them minimize barriers and remain in, or return to, the classroom. Wade's work involves managing both the clinical aspects of wellness in education, as well as the return to work and accommodation directives needed to support teachers, unions, and school districts. With his years of experience Wade authored The Well Teacher  in order to empower teachers to take more control of their wellness and thrive in what is a very demanding profession. He continues to work directly with teachers, while at the same time promoting teacher wellness through workshops, speaking engagements, and The Well Teacher Group initiatives.  Wade currently lives with his family in Parksville, BC, on Vancouver Island. 

wade-book-twt-cover.jpgThe Well Teacher- https://www.humanworkspress.com/   


Shannon McJannet, B.A., B.S.W., Registered Social Worker

shannon-mcjannet.jpegBorn and raised in Saskatchewan, Shannon has worked in a variety of social work fields throughout her career including mental health counseling (through the health region as well as operating her own private practice), RCMP Victim Services, and social services.  The majority of her time, however, has been spent in education holding counseling, consulting and outreach positions in Ile-a-la Crosse, North East, and Sun West School Divisions.  Shannon has been asked to speak at numerous events including teacher conferences, staff professional development days, wellness retreats, student leadership conferences and parent/family engagement events.

Shannon’s passion for wellness in education began with a desire to support children to become more healthy, kind and resilient by teaching them the skills they needed to recognize and take care of their emotions, build strong relationships with others, realize their strengths and learn ways to take care of their own basic needs.  Soon her passion spilled over into offering that same support and guidance to teachers, support staff and families within the school community – realizing that the healthier the adults are, the greater the chance we have to foster healthy students.  In recent years, Shannon has had the privilege of speaking to pre-service teachers to help them strengthen their toolkits with ways to not only take care of their own mental health and wellbeing, but to also help their students build their own skills in these areas.


Kristen Tootoosis, B.Ed., M.Ed., CCC., CCPA.

Kristen has broad experience as a psychotherapist, therapeutic program manager, educator/teacher, and post-secondary instructor.

Kristen has experience in offering therapy and support services to front line workers, managing programs in various areas including traditional motherhood, youth support groups, and addictions.

Kristen is from the Standing Buffalo Dakota Nation. She has devoted her career to working Indigenous Peoples of all ages in the area of psychotherapy clinical experience combined educational experiences and Indigenous knowledge. Kristen has worked with various First Nations communities focusing on educational therapeutic supports for students, families, and schools.

Kristen is also an instructor with the Think Indigenous Trauma Response Curriculum Co-Development Team and an Ed Psych instructor at the First Nations University of Canada. Kristen holds a Bachelor of Education (Indigenous Education), and a Masters in Educational Psychology, through the University of Regina.