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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

TCU Place 


Dr. Charles Till

Developing Nuclear Power – A Life In Full

The College of Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan gave a boy from rural Saskatchewan the foundations for an exciting life of accomplishment at the center of international nuclear power research and development.

Dr. Charles Till was an engineer and a physicist when he left Canada to finish his technical education at the Imperial College, University of London. When he returned to Canada, he was given the job of starting up the first Canadian power reactor. He was just 26, and fresh out of school. Two years later, he accepted a position at Argonne National laboratory out of Chicago, where civilian reactor development for the US was then concentrated. He is retired now, but for almost twenty years he led a large research and development program at one of the nation's great National Laboratories.

His goal was nothing less than to develop a wholly new kind of nuclear reactor technology. He wanted that technology to solve the problems facing nuclear power, to allow nuclear power to take its place as a long term solution to the nation's energy needs. Under his leadership, the technology of the Integral Fast Reactor was developed and largely demonstrated, a technology to provide limitless energy, safe shutdown under accident conditions made possible simply by the materials the reactor is made up of, less waste with shorter life and less toxicity, and a process allowing used fuel to be recycled until it it is all used, making fuel supplies limitless as well. 

  • Author of the book "Plentiful Energy – The Story of the Integral Fast Reactor"
  • Featured in the documentary "Pandora's Promise – The Truth About Nuclear Energy"

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